Desde hoy el juego Crysis 2 se encuentra disponible en los Estados Unidos y pronto en Europa. EA a estado preparando una lista con los reviews y las puntuación:

“some of the most exciting, angry and satisfying action you’ll ever have.” – OXM (9/10)

“Crysis 2 on X360 is the best looking console game to date.” – IGN (9/10)

“The thrill and spontaneity of outfoxing enemies with invisibility, snapping a machinegun turret off its stand and wading into danger, or sprint-leaping through the Big Apple in heavy armor is something you can’t get anywhere else on the PC.” – PC Gamer (89/100)

“Possibly the most visually impressive game you’ll play this year.” – 1UP (A-)

“the multiplayer side of Crysis 2 has me utterly hooked” – Joystiq (4/5)

“It’s simply magnificent stuff” – 360 Achievements (90%)

“Crysis was a superb game, and it wasn’t so just because of the astounding technology that brought it to life.” – GameSpot (8.5/10)

“Crysis 2 is a spectacular game in nearly every way” – VG Chartz (9.4/10)

“Crytek’s fourth game is their most confident to date, carefully balancing silliness, seriousness, and spectacle, and despite looking like a laundry list of bad shooter clichés at first glance the end product is surprisingly fresh-faced and triumphant.” – Video Gamer (9/10)

“It’s a benchmark by which other shooters should take an example from, and not the shamefully perfunctory five-hour-and-under campaigns that have flooded our shelves in recent years.” – Now Gamer (8.9/10)

“Crysis 2 is outstanding in almost every department, not least its visuals, which are the very best either PS3 or Xbox 360 has to offer right now” – Electric Pig (5/5)

Además para celebrar la salida del juego les dejo con un trailer:

[iframe: title=”YouTube video player” width=”560″ height=”349″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

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