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Cada vez que viene un juego nuevo siempre queremos saber la opinion del equipo que lo trabaja. Durante esta semana tuve la oportunidad de hablar con el Developer Team del juego basado en la serie Ghost Whisperer. Este juego esta próximo a estar disponible en algún momento durante el mes de Octubre. En este juego los jugadores deberán encontrar unos objetos que están escondidos para poder resolver rompecabezas o acertijos.

Mis preguntas fueron contestadas por Don Marshall (Producer) de Legacy Interactive. Les aviso que las preguntas y contestaciones la deje en inglés para no quitar la esencia a las contestaciones de Don.

  • Can you describe in a single phrase what can we expect to see on this game about the TV Show Ghost Whisperer?

Ghost Whisperer will be a light adventure hidden object game where you take on the role of Melinda helping two different ghosts cross over to the other side in two, new Ghost Whisperer stories.

  • How the team manage to recreate the Ghost Whisperer show into videogame, it was a challenge?

It certainly is! Ghost Whisperer is a show that touched people deeply, and making a game based on it was no easy task. We carefully studied the show, consulted with the producers of the show and got approval from them each step of the way. Creating a game is not like creating a TV show, though – what works on television doesn’t necessarily work in a game. People tend to be less interested in watching characters talk and learn things from conversation, for example: in a game, you learn what happened by exploring, searching through things and uncovering the secrets on your own.

  • The game is going to have similar cases like the TV Show Ghost Whisperer?
Absolutely! Emmy award winning writer Lance Gentile was hand picked by the producers of Ghost Whisperer to come up with the concepts and write the early versions of both cases, “A Brush With Death” and “Forgotten Toys”. We’re doing our best to bring his vision and the great stories he wrote to life, and to bring Ghost Whisperer back to its fans in a new and exciting way that honors the original, dearly loved show.


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