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The Rampage team has been representing Puerto Rico since 2013 in the world of eSports with Call of Duty. The team consists of an excellent group of players Jorge “DFLeeX” Pagan, Christian “Impxlze” Casillas, Julliane “LePlomo” Hernandez, Reymond “Liahhr” Pagán and their coach Rubén “Jmphy” Rivera. The team most recent representation of Puerto Rico was the event UMG Carolina to try to get a space in the Call of Duty World League. They were competing against more than 64 teams to achieve declared as the best and get the respect of everyone as professional players .

I was able to talk to the team and learn more about the desire of being part of Rampage with pride and what they have in their plans for improvement. Everyday is part of a challenge to continue and make the name of Puerto Rico stand up and get a place among the best teams in the world of Call of Duty .

La Chica Gamer: What’s the best thing about being a professional gamer?

Rampage: Technically not a professional player yet, but definitely an aspiring pro gamer. Playing gaming competitively can be very underrated for many people, but its definitely a big thing, eSports in general. Most professional players in the gaming scene can make a living through the earnings they make playing, during streams, with the help of sponsors, basically all of that and more, just through gaming, like a dream come true.

La Chica Gamer: What are your goals as a professional Call of Duty team?

Rampage: As a team, we have many goals, not just to be recognized through our passion, but one of the most important reasons is to prove people wrong. Many people underestimate people coming from foreign places, and don’t think they can be at the highest level of competition, thats why we want to represent where we come from. This journey has taught us that any path of becoming successful will not be as easy as expected. We have achieved lots of things and one of them is that my team earned the RESPECT of players that underestimate us, even coming from the pros. We love what we do, It has always been our passion.

Rampage VS Cloud9 - UMG Carolina Call of Duty World League

La Chica Gamer: How big do you see eSports becoming in Puerto Rico?

Rampage: The eSports community in Puerto Rico is growing everyday, its already very abundant on certain games, but at least on Call of Duty is getting bigger and many opportunities are upcoming this year.

La Chica Gamer: Competitions can be incredibly stressful and often that can impact the effectiveness of the team. What has been your experience of this anyhow do you manage the stress?

Rampage: Stress and frustration are the perfect words to describe a successful journey. We constantly encounter situations that lead us to frustrate ourselves and get very stressful, but as gamers we know we need lots of patience and dedication. What I mean by dedication is the hunger of winning and achieving our main goal of being pros. By the word patience, is not easy being a very patient person, cause of lag, mistakes and the compatibility in the connections. This three things even though in a high level, affects everyone, even the pros, but only the ones that are capable of not letting affect you in the journey of becoming successful, will achieve the dream. My way of managing that stress it is always take a great sleep, do anything you can to beat every obstacle that prevents you to achieve your goals.

La Chica Gamer: Do you see Rampage forging a long career as professional gamers, or is there an expiry date on how long you can keep this level of skills up?

Rampage: Over the years we have seen old faces and new ones, pros still being on their top, pros becoming ams or even quitting. And we have seen new players and ams becoming pros. Rampage’s roster will keep being professional cause of the desire and hunger of being on top and staying there. No one knows when the day comes to close the caption, but before that happens I assure you that big things will come.

Rampage UMG Carolina Call of Duty World League

La Chica Gamer: Do you have any suggestions for those gamers that want to start playing as professional gamers with a team?

Rampage: An advice, this is just like work, you get on everyday or every time you can, play 6 straight hours. But for this you need to do something that not all are willing to do and the words are SACRIFICE and DESIRE, cause everyone would like to be a pro, but not all of them like the idea of sacrificing going out with friends, maybe your girlfriend or even family. I’ve done it, yeah I’ve lost a lot of them, but even though its hard, if you do what you love, in time you will never regret it. Once you are on top you’ll see that everything you lose its going to be worth it. Be patience when scrimming, learn to lose, become a better person, become a better teammate, not everything is winning but neither is losing. Prove people that you can do it, not brag about it, but silencing in those moments are better. NEVER GIVE UP.

La Chica Gamer: What made you decide: it was time to have a Rampage as a professional team for eSports?

Rampage: As players, we have learned and discovered that we love what we are doing, and as puertoricans we persevere on achieving what we want. Rampage has been in this scene for some time and my goal is being always on top, nothing less. Why I decided to creat Rampage as a professional organization? Well, we like to share the same love and passion that we have for eSports to everyone and invited them to be part of this journey, and acquire the experience of doing what they love.

To stay updated about events and more news about Rampage you can follow them on the following social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter.

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