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Who we are

La Chica Gamer is one of the first Spanish-speaking video game website by a female gamer, founded in year 2010 and growing since then. We offer information about video games in console, PC, mobile phones and tablets, with and independent and unbiased criteria. Our aim is to offer our users the best information about videogames and provide great user interaction and multimedia content.

Where we are

We have surpassed 35,000 monthly unique users. We have pioneer with the launch of our official iPhone app this year and thanks to its success, we are currently working on the oficial Android app. We have a growing team of professional writers committed to provide the best content. Our website uses high impact, highly customizable advertising formats. Even La Chica Gamer is a website based in Puerto Rico, we have been able to expand our reach to another countries like United States, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela.

Where we go

We keep improving the website on a daily basis, increasing our number of updates and including new social functions. As we have pioneered in other areas like blogs, event, and soon video coverage,we will be in other possibilities for our communities. Our aim is to become the leading video game channel with presence in web, print and mobile.

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